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Zetron Paging Network Controller: Model 33

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Model 33

Paging Network Controller

  • Emulates PURC Protocol
  • Programmable Function Tone Option
  • Offers Modem for Digital Paging
  • Remotely Control Transmitters When Combined with Model 66
The Zetron Model 33 is a remote transmitter controller providing direct connectivity to paging encoders, allowing the paging transmitter to be located away from the paging encoder to an area offering optimal coverage. The keying tones generated are transmitted via wireline, microwave or RF link. The overall tone protocol is also compatible with Zetron, Motorola and G.E. equipment.

The Main Features of Zetron Model 33 Paging Network Controllers

The Model 33 offers both analog and digital paging capabilities, with the latter being possible via the internal modem, that allows the unit to receive and send digital numeric and alphanumeric display pages. Utilizing the multiple address option the Model 33 can target each of the 8 available "zones" to be programmed to key up any of the 10 groups of transmitters.
Another option available is the programmable function tone option (mutually exclusive with the multiple address option). By allowing the paging encoder to send control messages to the transmitters, operators or controllers are able communicate which frequency to key up on. This option is also ideal for transmitters that don't support the programmable function code as it can be utilized to select between 10 different transmitters.
Features Include:
  • Tone Remote Control of Paging Transmitters
  • Modem for Digital Paging
  • Multiple Address Option
  • Programmable Function Tone Option
  • Guard Tone Option
  • Busy Frequency Detection
  • Support Tone Signaling Protocols
    • Motorola PURC 
    • 2175 Hz Burst Tone
    • 1950 Hz Function Tone
    • Adjustable 2175 Hz Low Level Guard Tone Level
  • Capability for Digital & Analog Paging
The Zetron Model 33 Paging Network Controller is ideal for Public Safety, Government, Military, Industrial and Commercial markets. Delivering cost-effective performance today with an upgrade path for tomorrow's growth, feature enhancements and technological advancements. 
Model 33 Spec Sheet

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