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Zetron Paging Terminal: Model 640X DAPT XTRA

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Dial Access Paging Terminal Voice Paging

  • Offers Capacity For Up to 1,500 Users
  • Provides Remote Transmitter Control for Up to 16 Zones
  • Can Support Up to 4 Telephone Lines

Zetron's Model 640X provides advanced system features and moderate capacity requirements that offers users exceptional value in a compact package with affordable pricing. The flexibility found within the DAPT XTRA delivers unparalleled functionality and adaptability of requirements whenever and wherever your personnel are. The comprehensive programming software allows for remote system management, on-screen programming and diagnostics, saving users time and improving operational efficiencies.

The Main Features of Zetron 640X DAPT XTRA Paging Terminals

Because the Model 640X DAPT-XTRA is a combined dial access and PC driven paging terminal callers are able to dial into it and hear voice prompts to guide them system operation. With the capacity to support up to 1,500 users with up to 4 telephone lines for direct user access or for connection to local or remote data entry terminals the Model 640X is ideal for higher traffic applications. When healthcare and public safety applications are involved  the priority and voice paging features become essential for these emergency response teams. The voice prompts eliminate any caller confusion when time is of the essence. Risk management if facilitated by system logs, which record the details of every page sent.
Features Include:
  • Capacity For Up to 1,500 Users
  • Can Support Up to 4 Telephone Lines
  • Flexible Programming of Multiple Pager Groups
  • Remote Transmitter Control for Up to 16 Zones
  • Priority Paging with Live Breakthrough
  • Repeat Paging &  Talkback Paging
  • Sequential Paging For Up to 4 Tx Zones
  • Transmits Morse Code Station ID
  • Choice of Telephone Interface
  • Alphanumeric Input via Integrated Modem and/or RS-232 Port
  • 280 Seconds Pooled Voice Storage (for system voice prompts and voice messaging)
  • Tone, Tone and Voice, Numeric Paging:
        – 2-tone             – 5/6-tone           – FLEX™
        – POCSAG           – Golay 
  • Call Logging and Performance Statistics
  • 500 Character Alphanumeric Paging Message
  • Five Simultaneous Voice Channels
  • Programmable for 65,000 Levels of Sensitivity & 255 Levels of Time Threshold
  • Optional Dial Click Decoder for Pulse Telephone Systems 
The voice storage capabilities of DAPT XTRA feature 280 seconds of pooled voice storage, eliminating any unnecessary pauses in caller messages to make use of optimal storage space. Priority paging is supported by six different levels of paging including "next out" and "breakthrough". All of these priorities can be assigned both on a per pager and per interface basis.  
The group paging function supports 50 groups of 10 pagers each of dissimilar formats if necessary and offers more flexibility by allowing a group to be a member of another group. The Model 640X supports both half-duplex and full-duplex radio stations with carrier switching for talkback paging, which enables operators to reach field personnel on mobile radios.

The Zetron Model 640X DAPT Xtra dial access paging terminal is ideal for Public Safety or Healthcare Emergency Response markets. Delivering cost-effective performance today with an upgrade path for tomorrow's growth, feature enhancements and technological advancements.
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