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Zetron Programmable Encoder: Model 25

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Model 25

Emergency Dispatch Encoder

  • Capable of DTMF, QuickCall I or Other Dual Tone Formats
  • Capability to Control Up to 8 Transmitters
  • Provides 8 Relays for Automatic Channel Selection
Zetron's Model 25 programmable encoder offers instant call encoder capability ideal for emergency dispatch situations. The instant call button access provides quick and easy access to field personnel or forces, when time is of the essence. Personnel in the field can also program the instant call buttons to generate any signaling format resident in the encoder. Each instant call button can also be assigned to a stack of calls, in addition to calling individual pagers.


The Main Features of Zetron Model 25 Programmable Encoders 

There are two configurations available with Model 25: 1) consists of Model 25 with full numeric keypad and 29 instant call buttons, while 2) consists of Model 25 with 59 instant call buttons. The first option allows operators to access calls from the numeric keypad which does not merit instant call buttons. Additional auxiliary instant call panels can be added to increase call capacity to a maximum of 206. Option 2 requires that all calls be assigned to an instant call button which limits the number of maximum calls to the number of buttons available and requires the use of a CRT or small computer to program the unit as no keypad is present.

Features Include:
  • 29 Instant Call Buttons, Expandable to 206 (using auxiliary panels)
  • Serial port for Call Logging, Programming or CAD Operation
  • Tone, Tone and Voice, Numeric Paging
  • Fully Field Programmable:
    • RS-232 Port Attributes
    • Channel Attributes
    • Format Attributes—Up to 13 Signaling Formats
    • 200 Custom Two-Tone Calls
  • Controls Up to 8 Transmitters
  • Different Alert Tones (to distinguish urgency levels of calls)
  • Golay Digital Paging Format Available
  • Instant Call Button
  • Queing of Instant Call While Transmitting
  • Beeper Indication of Operator Error & Stacked Page Completion
  • Single Key Re-page
  • Extensive Self-Test/Self Diagnostics
  • Automatic Transmitter Keying & Mic Muting
  • Keypad Entry of All Codes
The keypad on Model 25 offers an additional method to extending the call capabilities past the number of instant call buttons via a five button manual key entry. The SEND keys on the panel allow manual selection of one of four channels to transmit on, with visible LED indicator to show what calls are in progress or busy.
When it comes to instant call access the Model 25 supports the capability of 16 instant call buttons being pushed sequentially without the need to wait for pages to be sent. Operators will see the LED flash on the instant call button once the page has been sent.
The Zetron Model 25 Programmable Encoder is ideal for Public Safety, Security and Airport Security markets. Delivering cost-effective performance today with an upgrade path for tomorrow's growth, feature enhancements and technological advancements.
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