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Zetron Transmitter Controller: Model 66

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Model 66

Remotely Control Transmitter

  • Compatible with FLEX 1600 bps and Motorola PURC
  • Provides Individual Addressing for Up to 30 Stations
  • Synchronize Multiple Transmitters & Control Dual Frequency Transmitters

The Zetron Model 66 transmitter controller offers remote control capability from a central paging terminal via a connection to a radio paging transmitter. By recognizing the site address, the Model 66 selects the modulation mode, keys up the transmitter then transmits the audio or digital data. Ideal for wide-area paging systems the Model 66 provides the perfect solution to those require their transmitters be located more than 30 feet from the paging terminal.
Installation costs are low as the Model 66 only requires a two-wire interface between the terminal and transmitter location. Data corruption and risk of damage are reduced because the Model 66 provides electrical isolation to maintain the integrity of the message or data.

The Main Features of Zetron Model 66 Transmitter Controllers

The Model 66 allows for remote control of multiple paging transmitters, which enhances area and frequency coverage that is more cost efficient and affordable than purchasing simulcasting equipment.  The low level guard tone feature ensures that a transmitter never remains keyed up once a message has been transmitted and its time-out timer protects transmitters that cannot withstand continuous transmissions.
Features Include:

Individual Addressing For Up to 30 Stations
Compatibility with FLEX 1600 bps and Motorola PURC
Simulcast Delay Module Option
Shared Channel "Busy" Tone Indicator
Positive Tone Control to—eliminate stuck transmitters
Remote Control of Multiple Paging Transmitters
Time-out Timer
Remote Control for Digital Paging (modem)
Audio Monitor Speaker
Optional Remote Link Transmitter Control (allow s link "hops")
Front Panel Accessible Adjustments
Optional Zone Selection and Sequencing
Optional Second Address Controls Dual-Frequency Transmitter

The model 66 provides options that enable multiple transmitters to be synchronized, dual-frequency transmitters to be controlled and allows for four link "hops". A variety of other options are available on the Model 66 from Zetron.  Please check out the data sheet below for more information on these  options.
The Zetron Model 66 Transmitter Controller is ideal for Public Safety, RCC/PCP Service and Utilities markets. Delivering cost-effective performance today with an upgrade path for tomorrow's growth, feature enhancements and technological advancements.
Model 66 Spec Sheet

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