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Zetron Transmitter System Controller: Model 68

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Transmitter System Controller

  • Supports Zone Sequencing and/or Simulcast Operation
  • Ideal Solution for Controlling Multiple Transmitter Sites
  • Offers Interface Capability with Terminal to 16 Transmitters or Transmitter Zones
Zetron's Model 68 transmitter system controller delivers unparalleled transmitter control that is cost effective and can handle addressing multiple transmitters and/or transmitter systems when used in conjunction with Zetron Model 640 or Series 2000 paging terminals. By acting as a signal distributor for the audio, modulated data and control signals Model 68 utilizes zone addressing and sequencing, along with modem tones, remote control tones, analog tones and voice pages to distribute the data to multiple transmitters.
The Model 68 can support up to 16 links, in any combination of link transmitters, wirelines or microwave channels. Two transmitter control card slots are standard and can be expanded upon to support an additional 14 transmitter control cards.

The Main Features of Zetron Model 68 Transmitter System Controllers


Compatible with many shared channel applications, common amongst PCP operators, the Model 68 monitors a COR or busy tone received from a remote transmitter site for channel activity before transmitting. To ensure pages for a particular zone are stored by the transmitting paging terminal the Model 68 forwards a "busy" indication back to the paging terminal allowing for important to be saved and not overlooked or missed.
Features Include:
  • Interfaces Paging Terminals to Up to 16 Transmitters/Links
  • Inhibits Paging to "Busy" Zones
  • Supports Zone Sequencing and/or Simulcast Operation
  • Supports Use of Wirelines, Microwave or Radio Links in Any Combination
  • Audio Transmit and Receive Pairs Wireline Interface
  • Link Radio Interface: PTT, COR, Audio
  • Compatible with Zetron Model 640 and Series 2000 Paging Terminals
The Zetron Model 68 Transmitter System Controller is ideal for Public Safety, Government, Security and Utilities markets. Delivering cost-effective performance today with an upgrade path for tomorrow's growth, feature enhancements and technological advancements.  
Model 68 Spec Sheet

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