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Zetron Wireless Remote Terminal Unit: Model 1708/1716

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SCADA Wireless Remote Terminal Unit


  • Connects to 44 Digital and Analog I/O Points
  • Supports Use with Licensefree Spread Spectrum Radios
  • Programmable Polling & Report by Exception 

Zetron's M1708/1716 Wireless RTU's deliver high performance monitoring at a great value for small or simple applications including: pump control, temperature status or water level measurement. An economical SCADA and Telemetry solution it is ideal for installations at remote sites, M1708/1716 are used to collect data from contact closures, pulse counters and analog voltage or current signals to detect changes and transmit exception reports immediately.

The Main Features of Zetron M1708/1716 Wireless Remote Terminal Units

Features such as key delay, channel busy indication, I/O parameters are all user definable. Zetron SCADA can operate on simplex, half-duplex, full-duplex, trunking or conventional radios and through repeaters; while a software switch enables the SCADA system to operate over trunked radios systems. Since each remote has its own unit number, a single trunking ID code is all the Zetron SCADA needs. This feature provides system operators the opportunity to offer their customers security and control functions.

Available In :

  • Zetron SCADA/Telemetry Systems
  • Work with Model 1700 System Controller
  • Operate on Leased Lines, Conventional or Trunking Radios              
Features Include:
  • Up to 44 I/O ports per RTU
  • Report-by-Exception
  • Programmable Polling
  • Store and Forward
  • User Configurable
  • All Call
  • Optional MODBUS Firmware
  • Optional NEMA Cases
  • Optional Power Supply with Battery Backup
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0-60ºC

Zetron's Model 1708/1716 Wireless Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is ideal for Commercial, Industrial, Utilities and Telecom Services markets. Zetron helping to ensure the safety of communities around the world.

1708 & 1716 Spec Sheet

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