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Axell Wireless Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV)

Axell ERV
AIR Telekomünıkasyon Çözümlerı Tıcaret Sanayı A.Ş.  is a premier distributor for Axell Wireless and is pleased to offer a mobile communication solutions for emergency situations featuring Axell's Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV).
Should the occasion arise where natural disasters, accidents or terrorists incidents inhibit your current communications infrastructure Axell Wireless is there to provide a mobile communication asset to get you back up and running to continue with operations, while providing the security and reliable coverage you need most.
The ERV enables temporary deployment of a Repeater/BDA and/or Base Transceiver Station (BTS) installation, which once deployed offers all the same advantages and communication facilities associated with a fixed communication infrastructure. The system is a fully automated power system allowing the vehicle to be completely self-sufficient, while operating the enhancement equipment for up to 10 days without refueling.
Because of the flexibility of the modular equipment package, the ERV can be adapted to individual specifications and requirements. For example, installations can be performed on panel vans for urban deployments, as well as, ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) where more volatile conditions may affect the ability of "normal" vehicles to reach the affected area(s).
Benefits of Axell's ERV:
√ Flexible in Design
√ Installations in Various Vehicle Types
√ Designed for Ease of Operation
√ Offers 5 Day Training Course for Operators
√ Capable of Multi-role Operation
√ Generates Fully Incorporated Network Signal (independent of existing infrastructure)
√ Variety of Alternate Powering Options Available
The Axell Emergency Response Vehicle is capable of multi-role operation, carrying either a Repeater/BDA system or a BTS system, or both, dependent upon operations specifications.  Please see brochure below typical ERV inventory.
As a base transceiver station, the Axell ERV offers additional coverage where the terrestrial network coverage does not reach, where areas are affected by BTS failure, and provides additional capacity to areas where the number of users has increased. Axell Wireless has engineered each vehicle to meet the toughest specifications, and has built them with the necessary equipment to generate a fully incorporated network signal, independent of any existing infrastructure.  The system itself utilizes a VSAT system to provide a link to the main network, making the process autonomous.
Lastly the vehicle offers a number of options when it comes to powering the equipment from high capacity battery bank, to an integrated diesel generator, to an AC main power input.
*At this time Axell Wireless solutions are only available in Turkey and the surrounding regions, for more information contact
The Axell Wireless ERV Solution is ideal for Government, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Military and Public Safety markets. With more than 30 years expertise, Axell Wireless delivers the solutions and seamless coverage you require, backed by their committment to provide exceptional service.  
Axell Wireless ERV Brochure
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