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X10DR technical video and audio clips

The X10DR® secure wireless microphone is fully compatible all professional, commercial and government vehicle and desktop mobile radios, including conventional, trunked, analogue and digital solutions from Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Tait, Simoco, Vertex Standard, Sepura, Cassidian and Hytera.

Original (1st Generation) versus Pro & Elite, comparison range test

X10DR® EX2 Elite Noise Cancellation Test, compared with X10DR® 1st Generation 

X10DR Elite test with Pump Noise background               X10DR 1st Gen test with Pump Noise background

X10DR® 1st Generation Secure Wireless Microphone - Range Test Review Video

X10DR® - How to attach Hirose accessories to X10DR®

X10DR® - How To Enable Stealth Mode (Turn LED Light Off)

X10DR® - How To Set External Microphone Gain

X10DR® - How To Master Reset XPonder™ & Pair X10DR Microphones

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