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Zetron Paging Encoder: Model 61/61F

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M61/61F Brochure

Network Access Paging Encoder

  • Supports FLEX, POCSAG & Golay Paging
  • Includes Tone Remote Control For Remote Paging Transmitters
  • Offers Support of Two Different Modes For TNPP Protocol
Zetron's Model 61/61F network paging encoder delivers cost-effective transmitter control for tone-only, numeric and alphanumeric pages. By receiving TNPP data via an RS-232 port it encoded pages and batches them for transmission, saving operators time and improving operations efficiencies.

The Main features of Zetron 61/61F Network Access Paging Encoders

With a variety of functionality the Model 61 can be used in conjunction with Zetron's ZAPP! software to build a complete commercial operator alphanumeric paging system or it can be used as fill-in to cover coverage gap areas that can be reached by satellite, wireline or RF link.
The Model 61 receives RS-232 data on a satellite downlink, wireline, or radio link. It then encodes pages and batches them for transmission which is ideal for remote sites that need to monitor for co-channel activity before paging.
Benefits of Model 61:                                             Benefits of Model 61F:
→ Encodes POCSAG & Golay Paging                      →Encodes FLEX & POCSAG
→ Can be used as backup for M640 or                   →Flex protocol & flex pagers
   series 2000 paging terminal                               to the smallest paging operator
Features Include:
  • Makes any digital transmitter a TNPP network node
  • FLEX, POCSAG, and Golay Paging
  • 500 Character Message Length
  • Supports Up to 32 TNPP Node Addresses
  • Can receive network transmissions over a variety of link media
  • Supports full handshaking and error detection in bidirectional mode
  • Includes Tone Remote Control (PURC®) for remote paging transmitters
  • Easily programmed using a dumb terminal or PC running terminal emulation software
  • Uses full node addressing for selective, regional paging
  • Supports the FLEX Mail Drop Message Mode
  • Multitasking Batching Organization
  • Simultaneous transmission & storage of paging data
  • Minimal transmission air time
  • Pager battery saver operation
There are two modes the Model 61 supports for TNPP protocol: one way or bidirectional. One way or "blind send" transmission is where no handshaking or error correction occurs and is typically used in satellite downlink to support nationwide paging or even simplex link. Bidirectional networking mode allows Model 61 to communicate with nodes to send pages to it and provides verification to the sending terminal that the packets were received correctly and the link is in operation. The bidirectional mode does require a full-duplex link.
The Zetron Model 61/61F Network Access Paging Encoder is ideal for Public Safety, Oil & Gas, Government and Industrial markets. Delivering cost-effective performance today with an upgrade path for tomorrow's growth, feature enhancements and technological advancements.
M61/61F Spec Sheet
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