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Motorola Solutions TETRA Portable Terminal: MTP850 S

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Motorola Tetra Portable Terminal MTP850 S

The ultimate in safety, durability and performance portable terminal

  • Man Down sensor for exceptional user safety
  • Side connector for increased ruggedness
  • Integrated GPS Receiver 

Incorporating all of the features of the field proven MTP850, this terminal incorporates an advanced Man Down sensor for exceptional user safety together with a new side connector for increased ruggedness. The MTP850 S comes with processing power to ensure users can take advantage of applications such as WAP and Multi Slot Packet Data.

Providing higher power will increase range and in-building performance, and so Motorola has added Class 3L (1.8W) power output option. Taken together with high receive sensitivity the MTP850 S has the capability for maintaining communications in the most demanding situations.

The main features of Motorola Solutions TETRA MTP850 S portable radios

Motorola's MTP850 S Tetra portable terminal features a wide range of technological advances. With the need for security higher than ever before, you need a system you can count on for all your safety needs. The MTP850 S ensures your safety through location, design, and secure communications.

Maintaining private and secure communications is increasingly important, with potentially sensitive information flowing through voice or data. The MTP850 S provides security, from inherent protection of a digital system to the highest levels of security using Air Interface Encryption or an integrated End-to-End encryption module. The MPT850 S Tetra Portable radio flawlessly link voice and data, allowing people and information to be found virtually everywhere. The MTP850 S has a 130x130 pixel display capable of displaying over 65,000 colours - ideal for viewing high resolution images via your WAP browser. The Rugged Side connector ensures that the accessory will remain connected at all times even during a violent situation. 

Frequency ranges:

  • 380-430 MHz

Features include:

  • Integrated GPS Receiver 
  • Man Down sensor for exceptional user safety
  • Side connector for increased ruggedness
  • 2048 Talkgroups– TMO
  • 1024 Talkgroups–DMO
  • TEA1, TEA2, TEA3 and E2E Encryption (optional)
  • RS–232 Interface (including TETRA PEIAT commands) 
  • A 130x130 pixel, 65536 Color Display
  • High receive sensitivity
  • Class 3L (1.8W) power output option
The MTP850 S is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Transport and Telecom Services markets. AIR and Motorola your trusted source for maintaining critical operation communications. Delivering fully integrated voice and data services to ensure users have access to up to date intelligence, enabling them to make truly informed decisions.
Motorola Solutions Tetra MTP850 S Portable Terminal Brochure

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