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radioPad™ Base Station

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American International Radio (AIR) is a premier Distribution Partner of SafeMobile Applications and Software and is pleased to offer its channel partners the revolutionary SafeMobile radioPad™ Base Station App that allows you to remotely control the functions of your  MOTOTRBO® or TETRA base station radios.

Add mobility to your control center communications with SafeMobile’s radioPad™ tablet-based, remote control base-station solutions.

The revolutionary new SafeMobile radioPad™ Base Station App allows you to remotely control the functions of your  MOTOTRBO® or TETRA base station radios via WiFi and the SafeBridge™ LAN unit.  

Multiple radio users within a building can now use the base station without the need to communicate from a fixed point, adding mobility to your operations.  

A radioPad™ controlled Base Station saves you money from installation and material costs while improving your radio performance, increasing your accessibility to the radio system and boosting your productivity.

Benefits you can count on

  • LOW COST - No need to purchase expensive coaxial cable nor high cost installation
  • ZERO ATTENUATION - The base station can now be installed closer to the antenna reducing attenuation and the need for long coaxial cable
  • MULTIPLE ACCESS POINTS - Various users can access the base station from any location within your WiFi network
  • QUICK INSTALLATION - Easy setup and fast installation
  • GREATER FLEXIBILITY - Use the base station radio on-the-move, within the building WiFi coverage

Base station features

  • Site & Zone Control
  • Channel Control
  • Voice Calls With Recording
  • Radio Call Stop
  • Talk Around· Subscriber & Group Alias (ID)
  • Emergency Operation
  • Man Down
  • Text Messaging
  • E-mail Transition (Internet required)
  • Security Radio Enable / Disable
  • Lone Worker
  • Multiple Radio Control from one Pad
  • Customizable Graphic User
  • Multi-Language
  • Full Wireless Encryption (WEP, WA2-Enterprise, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK)

Legacy Base Station

New Base Station

For more information about the latest features and updates to radioPad™ Base Station, please contact your Local AIR Representative today!

radioPad™ Base Station Brochure
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