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SafeNet NOVA™


American International Radio (AIR) is a premier Distribution Partner of Safemobile Applications and Software and is pleased to offer its channel partners SafeNet NOVA™ - SafeMobile’s most feature-rich cloud-based solution for all of your mission-critical voice and data needs.

SafeNet NOVA™ combines the power of cloud computing with the speed of instant PTT for mission critical applications and is an ideal solution for projects requiring communication with multiple, simultaneous radio talk groups. It provides dispatch functionality from anywhere to multiple sites, whether talk groups are centrally located or scattered among various locations. It has also been specifically designed with an intuitive user interface to minimize learning time and maximize a user’s efficiency.

SafeNet NOVA is effective in tracking and monitoring mobile assets and incorporates voice dispatch, history logging and archive search functionality. It is also highly flexible, being able to solve almost any radio communication challenge while easily accommodating system expansion.

Some of the features of the new application include:

  • Polling or real-time location reporting
  • Speed and heading information
  • Historical data routing logs that can be stored up to one year
  • Landmarking
  • Geo-FencingUnit status on/off
  • Alarms
  • I/O Monitoring
  • Unlimited text messaging
  • Email
  • Reporting Module offering a variety of reports to improve productivity and performance
  • SafeNet uses Google Map viewing features (Map, Street, Satellite View)
  • Customized features are available upon request

SafeNet NOVA™ is SafeMobile's cloud computing platform thta provides the ability to effectively manage and monitor mobile assets via an IP connection anywhere in the world, using a standard browser.

SafeMobile SafeNet Nova Brochure
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