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American International Radio (AIR) is a premier Distribution Partner of Safemobile Applications and Software and is pleased to offer its channel partners Safemobile's SafeNET™ affordable, entirely web-based, solution to all fleet management needs.

From anywhere in the world with an internet connected PC, fleet managers are able to effectively manage and monitor their two-way radio or Cellular-based, GPS-equipped mobile workforce. When used in conjunction with a DMR or Tetra Radio system, SafeNET™ provides you with invaluable tools to maximize efficiency, achieve seamless communication and analyze critical data via key reports.

There are several advantages to utilizing SafeNET™ for your company’s needs, some of which are listed here:


Advantages for SafeNET™ (Cloud-Based)

ITEM SafeNet
Installation NONE (Cloud-Based)
Real-Time YES (1 Minute)
Upgrades INSTANT (Built-In)
Access From Multiple Machines YES
OS Platform Cross Platform
Data Security Very High
Internet Access Required

No Software Installation Required

SafeNET™ is entirely web-based, via the Cloud, and works perfectly with the majority of modern browsers.  There is no configuration or maintenance required, ever. Just log in to the provided URL!  Our approach to a web-based solution provides an easy, maintenance-free solution. We handle all updates so that you do not have to and updates are always free!

User Friendly Interface

Designed with a clean, intuitive interface, SafeNET™ is easy-to-use by anyone who has previous experience working with an internet-based mapping solution, such as Google Maps. The application is also customizable to any language preference you require.


SafeNET™ is the most affordable solution on the market, offering an integration of applications with your radios that fit nearly every budget. The benefits of our SafeNET™ features will instantly provide an increase to your productivity and reduce overhead costs for your company that will far outweigh the nominal monthly fee to access the solution.

Accessible From Anywhere

Accessible from anywhere in the world, wherever you have access to an Internet connected PC; SafeNET™ requires no VPN or special hardware!

Local Hosting is Available

Should your needs require, SafeNET™ is available via privately-hosted options onsite at your own facility and would include access to all of the same great features as the cloud-based version.

SafeNET™ Suites

SafeNET™ includes the following suites that can be mixed and matched to customize the perfect solution to meet your individual needs:


  • Real-time location information
  • Unit status on/off
  • Polling or immediate location reporting
  • Landmarking
  • Geofencing
  • Speed and heading information
  • Historical data

Text Messaging Suite

SafeNET™ is enhanced with text messaging capability that allows for SMS communication between the radio(s) and the dispatcher. The dispatcher can send messages to any radio or group of radios and can also receive messages from radios in a dedicated user-friendly messaging screen.

E-mail Suite - (Connect Plus Systems Only)

The E-mail Suite within SafeNET™ allows your radios to send messages to any email address and to receive messages sent from an email address. This function enables dispatchers and managers to communicate with their mobile personnel from any computer in the world without having to be at the dispatcer's station, or even in the office at all!

Reporting Suite

The SafeNET™ Reporting Module offers a variety of reports available for intuitive data interpretation to effectively monitor and improve productivity and performance: ARS, Speeding Report, End of Day Report, Stops Report, Fleet Report, Geofencing & Landmarking Report are just some of the many available.

Mapping Options

  • Google

SafeNET™ is compatible with the following radio platforms:

  • Conventional
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus 
  • Connect Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Dimetra IP
  • Dimetra IP Compact
  • Dimetra IP Micro

For more information about the latest features and updates to SafeNET™, please contact your Local AIR Representative today!

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