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Telex Radio Dispatch Solution

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AIR is a leading provider of radio dispatch and signaling equipment. We deliver a wide variety of solutions, including the world’s first and most widely deployed Telex IP dispatch solutions, to the federal government public safety, municipalities, utilities and transportation industries.   
IP-Based Dispatch Consoles 
Reliable communication when it matters most.
No other dispatch manufacturer has more IP-based systems in the field than Telex.  With more than 3000 IP consoles being used throughout the world, our proven technologies run communications for public safety, schools, airports, traffic management systems and emergency response vehicles.
Adapter Panels
The heart of any IP-based dispatch solution.
The IP-223 Dual Network Radio Adapter Panel is more than just a radio interface. It enables you to link and control advanced trunking and P25 systems, Nextel phones, satellite devices, telephones, TETRA radios, and much more. It’s the most capable network adapter on the market today, with more modes of operation and available accessory interfaces than any other.
Network Recorder
Track and archive network activity.
With a Telex network recorder, you can record, play back, sort and store all audio and activity on your IP dispatch network—including channel changes, crosspatches and much more. You can track and search by day, date, time, ID, call duration and other parameters. Our recorders are ideal for legal applications, training and day-to- day monitoring of dispatch activities.
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